"Dr. Becker is family physician.  I saw her last week when I had a severe asthma attack and she took care of me; she gave me my shots and got me on my way.  I have been seeing her now for three and a half years.

She is caring and sincere.  She is an excellent doctor.  I had recently gone to the hospital and they could not find what was wrong with me even after all the tests they ran me through, but when I went to this doctor she could immediately diagnose what my problem was.  The staff is very friendly and very attentive, which is great because especially with me having asthma I can’t wait for an appointment.  It is a very professional, clean and pretty office; it is very comfortable."

 - Loretta, from Ft. Myers, May, 2012



 "First time patient. Needed physical but I got ill before my scheduled appt. She saw me, ordered all the labs needed to treat the immediate complaint plus all I would need for physical. As each test was completed and sent to her, I received a phone call regarding things she prescribed before I even had the next appointment.

Turns out I had several issues which she began to deal with before I even saw her again.  She is right on top of the tests and calls you to begin therapy immediately. I never had a doctor do that before. She's really on the ball."

 - Patricia, November, 2011


"It is indeed a pleasure to share what is truly a pleasant medical experience. As patients for the past 5 years, the Mazzoni's family, our neighbors & friends are proud and blessed to have Dr. Michelle Becker as our physician.

Considering our age and professional experiences, we can attest that Dr. Becker has gone above & beyond our expectations to meet our medical needs, from our own teenagers to us as senior citizens. We deeply and respectfully appreciate Dr. Becker's medical, holistic and well being approach to our medical, emotional & physical health. Her accessibility, and ease of communications makes clear for all members of the family to understand what is being discussed.

 In this fast paced life & electronic age it is a rarity to have such a caring & humanistic professional available to provide for our medical needs. To further reinforce our beliefs in Dr. Becker we actually drive from Tampa to her office in Naples, it's worth the drive and the time, she is a medical jewel."

- Marco Mazzoni, Ph.D., Wimauma, FL., October, 2012